Midi Pack

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This pack is ideal for a family of 4 per month.

what`s inside the pack?

•1kg Club Steak
•1kg Beef Stir Fry
•1kg Beef Mince
•1kg Boerewors
•1kg Lamb Stew
•1kg Oxtail
•1kg Pork Shank
•1kg Pork Neck Steak
•1 x Whole Chicken
•1kg Chicken Patties

Variants: 1kg Pork Shank & 1kg Pork Neck Steak can be replaced with 2 x 1kg Lamb Stew. Specify special instructions on checkout. 

1 Whole Chicken can be replaced with mixed portions of the same size. Quantity servings only serves as a guideline, consumption depends on individual usage.

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