Why Choose Us

Fresh Quality Meat
 Fresh Quality Meat
Our meat is cut and delivered on the same day of delivery    
 All Meat is delivered to your door
All Meat is delivered to your door
Very convenient, we build trust with our customers
Affordable Prices
We offer affordable prices for our packaged meat
Best Packaging
Premium Packaging to retain freshness 
BLT Meat Distributors. We are meat distribution company based in Centurion with a highly energetic young team. Meat is the most essential need for humans, and provides healthy nutrition to those who eats meat. 
It is for this reason; 
We source meat from all the approved & licensed abattoirs. Meat is well handled from culling to processing & packaging to ensure freshness, quality and hygiene. 
We supply fresh meat, cut and delivered on the  same day.
We deliver variety of packaged meat to suit your different cooking style, providing a hassle free shopping experience.
Ordering is very easy
Customers have different means of ordering, by whatsapp, email and or shopping cart, providing a hassle free shopping experience.

Our Mission
To provide good and fresh quality meat, cut, packaged and delivered on the same day.

To continue bringing new concept of meat to individuals and preferred industries, ensuring freshly cut & packaged meat is delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

To grow and be the best supplier of meat in and around Gauteng province, and to teach meat lovers about meat and meat nutrition.

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